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Please read the following information carefully. By proceeding forward and signing this document you are acknowledging that you have reviewed the following consumer disclosure information and consent to transact business using electronic communications, to receive notices and disclosures electronically, and to utilize electronic signatures in lieu of using paper documents. This Acknowledgment and Consent for Electronic Signatures, Disclosures, and Notices (the “Agreement”) constitutes the entire “agreement” by and between Citizens Bank, each account holder and the consumer(s) consenting below, with respect to the use of electronic signatures and electronic records. For joint accounts, the consent by any account owner applies to all account owners and any other parties to the account.

Scope and Duration of Consent: You agree to receive all available disclosures, notices, and other records (“records”) from us in electronic form, until you close the account(s) or until you withdraw consent as described in the Right to Withdraw Consent provision of this document. We may exercise our right to deliver paper copies of disclosures, notices, and other records, rather than provide them electronically. All paper documents will be sent to the primary address we have on file for you at the time of delivery.

Your consent to receive electronic communications and transactions includes, but is not limited to: account agreements, disclosures, periodic statement information, tax documents, privacy policies, notices, and changes to your account.

Electronic Delivery of Documents: Electronic documents may be downloaded as you go through the process or may be e-mailed to you. We encourage you to save or print the documents for future reference.

Requesting Paper Copies: You are not required to receive notices or disclosures or sign documents electronically and may request paper copies of documents or disclosures. You can request paper copies from Citizens Bank by contacting Customer Support at 262-363-6500. The Bank may apply a fee for requesting paper copies.

Responsibility to Update E-mail Address of Record: By consenting to electronic delivery, you agree that Citizens Bank will contact you via the e-mail address you provided to us. If you change your e-mail address or other contact information, you must provide us with your new email address or other contact information. The change will not be effective until we receive it and have had a reasonable opportunity to act upon it. Your e-mail address of record must be the e-mail address of an account owner who has the authority to conduct transactions and act on behalf of the account.

To update your email address or other contact information, visit one of our branch offices, call Customer Support at 262-363-6500, or log into Digital Banking at

Right to Withdraw Consent: You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic documents, notices or disclosures at any time. In order to withdraw consent, you must notify Citizens Bank that you wish to withdraw consent to provide your future documents, notices, and disclosures in paper format. After withdrawing consent if at any point in the future you proceed forward and utilize the electronic signature system you are once again consenting to receive notices, disclosures, or documents electronically. You may withdraw consent to receive electronic notices and disclosures and the optional use of electronic signatures by visiting a branch office, contacting Customer Support at 262-363-6500 during normal business hours, or e-mailing The change will not be effective until we receive it and have had a reasonable opportunity to act upon it. There may be a fee for paper documents.

System Requirements: In order to receive and retrieve records electronically, there are necessary hardware and software requirements you must have: An up-to-date device (i.e. computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) with an operating system capable of supporting an internet connection and a standards-compliant web-browser which supports the HTTPS protocol, HTML and cookies. Viewing PDF documents requires additional software such as Adobe Reader or similar. [System requirements for Adobe Acrobat Sign]

Acceptance and Consent: By electing to have your records provided to you in electronic form, you agree to confirm your ability to receive these records electronically by following any procedures specified from time to time. When we notify you of any system changes, you must confirm your consent according to the instructions provided at the time, or withdraw your consent. You confirm by using the system that you have the required hardware and software, including viewing, downloading, printing, and electronically receiving these documents.

Electronic Signatures: You authorize us to use your electronic signature for all documents, agreements, attachments, addendums, including, without limitation, all deposit and lending-related documents such as account agreements, loan agreements, security agreements, mortgages, deeds of trust, and guaranties in any way connected to the transaction being entered into between you and Citizens Bank until you close the account(s) or until such time the events described in the Right to Withdraw Consent provision occurs. Your consent permits an electronic signature in lieu of hand-written signatures on any one or more documents received.

Citizens Bank consents to accept such signatures as true, correct, and binding signatures of any consenting party to this Agreement and to enter into the transaction in reliance therein.

You agree that your electronic signature will be enforceable as and to the full extent of a hand-written signature as an original for enforcement of the documents containing the electronic signature(s), whether in state or federal court, arbitration or otherwise.